22nd & 23rd Dec. 'The Opera of many orders "The singing class" '

Do you sing a song?
When do you like to sing?
How can we sing well?

"The singing class" is a stage work about having fun studying songs, voices, and things related to sound. Kinoshita, who specialized in vocal music, and Inoue, who became interested in vocalizing during the production of art and began to incorporate it into her works, met in 2014 at the Meredith Monk's workshop in New York.
Since then, they practiced their voices regularly in Kyoto until Inoue left for the Netherlands in 2016.
This work is the first collaboration in 6 years since the two performed "Voice Pro Wrestling" at MIIT house (Osaka).

The general outline of the performance

Date: 22nd of December, 2022
Opening 18:30, curtain 19:00

Date: 23rd of December, 2022
Matinee opening 13:30, curtain 14:00 / Opening 18:30, curtain 19:00
Venue: Higashi-yodogawa Civic Hall (Tatami room 3 & 4)


Script: Izuru Kinoshita / Miyuki Inoue
Directing, composing and performing: Izuru Kinoshita
Art Directing, composing, and Performing: Miyuki Inoue

Sponsorship: tobe Limited Liability Company
Production cooperation: Open Art Laboratory HAISEN

on-demand delivery: From 25th of Dec. to 8th of Jan. 2023

Advance ticket: ¥2,500
Tickets for today: ¥3,000
Ticket for a viewer online only: ¥2,000

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The venue attendants are requested to wear masks.

The performance is a project adopted by the Agency for "the rivival of cultural and artistic activities from the corona disaster"(AFF2)

Performer's Profile

Izuru Kinoshita (Vocalist / Composer / Actor)

After graduating from the Department of Vocal Music at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2003, he joined the Shiki Theater Company. After that, he appeared in "The Phantom of the Opera".

After leaving the company, he completed a master's degree in theater production at the University of Middlesex, UK. While still a student, he presented his musical play "Piano" at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

After returning to Japan, he joined the Hyogo Prefectural Piccolo Theater Company as an actor, and is also in charge of music director for performances for elementary school students.
In recent years, he has appeared in works by Tsuyoshi Hisakado, Heisei Nakamura-za, Niwa Gekidan Penino, Europe Kikaku, and others.

He has been participating in Creative Garden “Core” since 2021. In the same year, he presented his own opera "Funa Uta(Boat song)" at the Goethe-Institut Tokyo.

Miyuki Inoue(Contemporary Artist)

Miyuki Inoue (born Shimane) is now based in Amsterdam since she moved from Kyoto in 2016 to attend the Master of Voice department, Sandberg Institute. She also holds a degree from University of Tsukuba and did an exchange study in Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm.

She is interested in releasing human voice as well as her own. She often performs in her works and her works often invite participants. She has been showing Site-Specific Singing (2018-) in various locations such as church, tunnel, old school building, etc. Each time it is created newly as a performance, as a workshop and/or as a drawing, which was recently shown in Revolve Performance Art Days in Uppsala, Sweden.

Her activities has been supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in Japan, the Yoshino Gypsum Art Foundation, the Mondriaan founds and the Toshiaki Ogasawara Memorial Foundation. Her stay is supported by the Mondriaan Fund. 

She has participated artist-in-residency programs such as Muzeum Susch (Switzerland), Titanik gallery (Finland), Est-Nord-Est (Canada), Inter Arts Center (Sweden) and Nordic Artist’s Centre Dale (Norway).


E-mail : creativepotekoda@gmail.com
tel. : 080-5360-3283(Kinoshita)


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