9/10 The Night of Li Xiang Lan(李香蘭Night)

A ephemeral, glamorous song bloomed in an era of chaos.

A singer Li Xiang Lan(李香蘭/山口淑子) made her movie debut in 1938 in Far East Asia, where was extremely confused by the invasion of Japan and the establishment of a puppet government.In this performance, we have focused on her as a international singer, and have created a program centered on her repertoire.
We have chosen the Ginza Classic Hall as the venue, located on the 6th floor of the Ginza Lion Building, which was built in 1934, four years before Li Xiang Lan's debut.
Please enjoy the many masterpieces which played by new arrangements at the venue where you can see the atmosphere of those days.

This performance was adopted by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, to "Arts for the future 2", a project to support the revival of cultural and artistic activities from the pandemic of COVID 19.

The general outline of the performance

Date: 10th of September, 2022
Opening 18:00, curtain 18:30
Venue: Ginza Classic Hall (6F of Ginza Lion Building in Chuo-ku, Tokyo)

Eriko Iida(Sop), Takushi Teraoka(Erhu), Jun Hayakawa (Bandoneon), Yukina Miyagi(Cl.), Sayaka Hori (Vc.), Yunosuke Takahashi (Pf.)

Ticket: ticket for the venue attendant ¥4,500, ticket for a viewer online only ¥2,500
The link of the video on-demand delivery is below.
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※ The venue attendants are requested to wear masks.

※ 当日ご来場の際はマスクの着用をお願いいたします。


Part 1

New Night(新しき夜)/ Ryouichi Hattori
Yoimachigusa(宵待草)/ Tadasuke Ohno
He Ri Jun Zai Lai(何日君再来) /晏如
Ye Lai Xiang(夜来香)/金玉谷
Tokyo Serenade(東京夜曲)/Shunichi Sasaki
Nostalgic Tango(懐かしのタンゴ)/Ryoichi Hattori

Part 2

Persian Bird/Brozorouski
Vanity City 1 ; To the Past Nowhere/Yunosuke Takahashi
A carriage going through the night fog(夜霧の馬車)/Masao Koga
Suzhou Serenade(蘇州夜曲)/Ryouichi Hattori
Candy selling song(賣糖歌)/梁楽音
Мой соловей(私の鶯)/Ryouichi Hattori

Ticket form

    Performers’ profiles

    Eriko Iida (Soprano singer)

    Graduated from the department of vocal music, Tokyo College of Music.
    Finished the course of Nikikai Opera Training Institute.
    Studied under Yoko Oshima and Yoji Kawakami.

    Performed as a child in ‘The Magic Flute’, Barbarina in ‘The Marriage of Figaro’, Despina in ‘Cosi fan tutte’, Norina in ‘Don Paspuale’, Miss Pinkerton in ‘The Old Maid and the Thief’, etc.

    Concerts in schools, community halls, hospitals and nursing homes are popular for their programs incorporating a variety of genres like classical music, musicals, popular songs, songs for school music classes, anime songs and film music.

    Her activities are extending to performances in sales-campain songs, radio CM and Reading of British and American dramas along with the training of the younger generation.

    Takushi Teraoka (Erhu player)

    Fascinated by the tone of the erhu player Jiapengfang, started learning erhu in2000.
    After that, started playing mainly as a duo with acoustic guitar.

    Since 2009, has participated in “HALE to KE”, a unit with piano, erhu, Tsugaru shamisen, and rhythm tap dance.
    Focusing on live performances at Minami Aoyama Mandala, has also performed at hall performances, various events, and art appreciation events at elementary and junior high schools.
    Has produced three albums so far.

    Since 2015, he has presided over his own Erhu classroom.

    Jun Hayakawa (Bandoneon player)

    President of Tango-jack, ABIERTO, and HAYAKAWA TERUGGI TRIO.
    Participated in Naruyoshi Kikuchi and Pepe Tormento Ascaral, Ryota Komatsu & Orquesta Tipica, etc.

    Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts, Faculty of Music, Department of Music. Acquired the Jazz DEM of the Genubilier Conservatory in the unanimous first place. He has presided over various styles and organizations and has been active, but in 2013, he went to France after winning the international bandoneon competition in Klingenthal, Germany. Studied bandoneon under Juan Jose Mosalini, a legend in the bandoneon world. At the same time, based in Paris, has been performing in various parts of Europe.

    Returned to Japan in 2015. In 2017, invited European artists to perform on tours at Minatomirai Hall, Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, Musashino Civic Cultural Hall, and Funabashi Civic Cultural Hall. In 2018, started a nationwide project with bandoneon solo. In 2019, toured five European cities and was well received.

    While the COVID19 is rampant, the 2020 Agency for Cultural Affairs subsidized project "Jun Hayakawa 4th Bango !! LIVE & TALK" was held and gained popularity. Currently based in Japan, as a performer and composer, pursues the possibilities of bandoneon and tango in own style.

    Yukina Miyagi (Clarinet player)

    Graduated from Tokyo College of Music.
    Performed in ‘The Marriage of Figaro’ commemorating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the College.

    Organized a clarinet ensemble ‘Lampi’ with contemporaries at college, released a CD ‘Bestie’. A member of KOBAKEN and his friends Orchestra.

    Sayaka Hori (Cellist)

    Graduated from Tokyo College of Music.
    Studied in the graduate course of Toho Gakuen School of Music.
    Studied under Keiko Matsunami and Ko Iwasaki.

    Performed in various concerts and recitals.
    Released duo CDs ‘Waltz of the Flowers’, ‘Ave Maria’ with her father Ryosuke Hori (cellist). A member of Tokyo Cello Ensemble. An album recorded by high-res master ‘Sayaka Hori: Mellow Sounds of Cello produced by high-resolution’ is distributed through e-onkyo music.

    Yunosuke Takahashi (Pf & Composer)

    Studied in the department of music theory, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
    Continuing to have an intense interest in creative productions by the interactive relationship of text and music. Having been active in composing, arranging and stage performances.

    Chief Gardenner of Creative Garden "Core" since May 2021.