28th Nov. Reading performance ‘Resurgence’

About the performance

‘Resurgence’ is the new script for this reading performance. It is a sequel to the last reading performance ‘Magic / Witchcraft’ put on in January this year, so the contents of the two products unfold parallel to each other. (For more information on Reading performance ‘Magic’, go to ‘The end of video publicity of Reading performance ‘Magic’.)
Please make sure to see the new product by Yunosuke Takahashi which depicts a negative aspect of the modern society.

We will invite Mr. Ikuhiko Aoyama, an actor, and Ms. Nobue Hanabusa, a pianist, this time, and work out a more thrilling / sensational / stimulating theatrical space.

This performance is a project of Arts for the future (supporting subsidy projects of continuing cultural and artistic activities) adopted by Agency for Cultural Affairs. We will reduce the audience seats and deliver the video content online to prevent further spread of the infection. The digital content will be open for two weeks starting from 30th of November. Ticket holders are advised to see the performance within the period.

The general outline of the performance

Date: 28th of November, 2021
Matinee opening 13:30, curtain 14:00 / Opening 18:30, curtain 19:00
Peatix Online video event site
Performers: Ikuhiko Aoyama, Izuru Kinoshita, Yunosuke Takahashi, Nobue Hanafusa
Ticket: ticket for the venue attendant 2,000yen, ticket for a viewer online only 1,000yen

The venue attendants are requested to wear masks

The story line

‘Kyo-yomi (Sutra-chanter)’ had decided to seclude himself from the society, shut himself in the tower of solitude, and had a life of reading all day long day by day.
One day an old friend visited after the interval of 15 years the tower where he was leading a secluded quiet life.
At that night the friend called ‘Yu-zutsu (Evening-star)’ drank heavily, and on the following morning finally he gave up the reason why he came there after such a long time.
They were not mere friends, but their true identities were ....

Performers’ profiles

Ikuhiko Aoyama

Born on 23rd July, 1973. Came from Hyogo Prefecture
Holder of Action License by Japan Actors Union: Tate (sword fight) Upper Grade
First Dan of Karate, Noh Comedian of Izumi school of No farce
Graduated from College of Arts with a major in drama, Tohogakuen.

Multitalented actor actively involved in a wide range of artistic activities from popular entertainment stages, stage plays and theater performances, TVs, movies to various performances overseas.

Izuru Kinoshita (appearing on in the digital content)

Graduated from the department of vocal music, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Joined Shiki Theatrical Company. Studied in the direction course at the theatrical arts department of the postgraduate school, Middlesex University.
Acting as a singer, an actor and a musician based in Kyoto after coming back to Japan.

Yunosuke Takahashi

Studied in the department of music theory, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music.
Continuing to have an intense interest in creative productions by the interactive relationship of text and music. Having been active in composing, arranging and stage performances.

Nobue Hanabusa

Played the piano from 4 years old.
Received a prize in All Japan Students Music Contest in 1973.
Started recital activities from 16 years old.

Graduated from Elisabeth University of Music and Hochschule für Musik Detmold.
While at college, gave recitals in many places of Germany.

After returning home, busily engaged in a lot of activities, having recitals, playing opposite many famous artists domestic and overseas and being invited from Germany, Austria and Australia as an accompanist.

Deputy of Office Repeat. Lecturer of Teikyo-Heisei University.

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